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For prices and "repair order form," click here, fill out the info form, print out the form and shipping label, mail it with your damaged tape(s) to the address specified on the form.

We ship repaired tape
same day as received

Tapes that have suffered water or spill damage, extreme heat or severe impact damage are not always repairable. TapeCenter reserves the right to transfer your audio tape to a new cassette shell and to refuse repairs deemed unreasonable by our technicians. At times a tape may be ripped in a way in which the only recourse is to cut the damaged tape and splice the cut ends together. This inevitably may result in the loss of some of the material on the original tape.

For an additional charge, we will make another copy of your tape, and send you both the original fixed tape and a copy.

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Tel: 800-405-9063 --- Fax: 800-406-2425
From NY Metropolitan area:
Tel: 718-773-4774 --- Fax: 718-493-5555

We ship repaired tape
same day as received

Audio tape repair