64 Minutes audio tapes
High speed duplication

  • 32 Minutes per side

  • Bulk - No labels No Boxes

    Our C-64 Bulk Audio tapes easily outperform other standard grade tapes. Their Pure Grained Ferric magnetic formulation offers low noise and high output, with excellent sensitivity over the entire frequency range. The tapes are specially lubricated for high speed duplication (keeping the recording heads cool and maintaining a stable frequency response).

    Our C-64 tapes are ideal for high speed duplication and for recording everyday sources, such as pre recorded tapes and FM radio broadcasts. They are also well suited to equipment designed primarily for convenience, such as the typical boombox and portable player.

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    Bulk audio tapes - 64 Minutes
    AC64$0.55, 25 Tapes for $13.00, 100 Tapes for $48.00, 500 Tapes for $230.00
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